Time Is Nothing – Around The World In 343 Days

It’s not often we come across a video that so beautifully captures the essence of mankind and his surroundings. This epic video will take you on a happy journey around the world and stands as a reminder that in today’s world of ugly violence and bloodshed, there is still so much beauty. #Nature #Travel360 #Beauty #fun #Viral #World #Video

[Viral Video] Victoria’s Secret Angels Lip Sync “24K Magic” by Bruno Mars

It’s no real secret that when you combined beauty & music, the result tends to almost always generate the right type of attention. This was certainly the case when Victoria Secret’s angels took to the lip-syncing stage with the popular Bruno Mars track – 24K Magic. The result? ..a super viral video of course! (over 500k views on YouTube at the time of posting this). #BrunoMars #VictoriaSecret #Music #Viral #Video

[Viral Video] This Guy With Many Voices Is The “Hottest” Thing On The Internet Right Now

We have all heard about how this person-that person was discovered on the internet because of their video going super viral. In the age of mass communication, this should come to no surprise that one person’s destiny can be changed forever by a few clicks of a button. Once such person we are predicting (yes, you read it here first) is Roomie AKA The guy with 14 voices. Watch his video and find out why. [youtube id=”MNdg3F686hg” width=”667″ height=”356″] #artist #Internet #Vir

Camera On Hula Hoop Captures Cheerleaders Swimsuit Shoot

For those of you who know us know that we are big fans of video – and in particular videos that are cutting edge and technologically advanced. For such content, one cannot go pass what the awesome dudes at GoPro are doing with their technology. Their latest is this one which turns a hula hoop into every man’s best friend as it swirls around the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders during their swimsuit calendar shoot. If you have always wanted to be a hula hoop – then this one is dedi

Meet The Lion Whisperer – Mind Blowing Video!!

Meet Kevin Richardson, also known as the ‘Lion Whisperer’. This amazing man has an even more amazing ability to build lasting relationships with lions in the wild in Africa. He also has the same relationships with a pack of wild hyenas. This intimate video gets up close and personal with Kevin and his animal friends. The footage is totally amazing and it shows him hugging & cuddling these dangerous creatures as if they were his household pets. This video puts David Attenborou

The Best Way To Get To Work On A Monday

Getting from the bus stop to the office on a Monday morning has never been so fun. The clever folks at Qualcomm came up with a video that will definitely put a smile on your faces this Monday morning! It’s a pity that public transport isn’t more like this. #Sleigh #BusStop #Qualcomm #PublicTransport #Video