[Interview] Douwe Cramer: The Future Of Contemporary Art Lands In Singapore

Douwe Cramer, Show Director at Singapore Contemporary Art Show We sat down with Douwe Cramer, Show Director at Singapore Contemporary Art Show to talk about everything from this year’s amazing (and inaugural) event to the A,B,C’s of contemporary art. This year, the stage has been set in Singapore for arguably one of the most anticipated art events in the region. With the theme “A World of Art”, the show will present more than 3,000 works of art from 65 exhibitors and installa

Exclusive: Who Is Banksy? – Living 360

The term International Man of Mystery is perhaps best used when it comes to describe the controversial street graffiti artist Banksy. The elusive artist has announced his first UK show since 2009, and the people are buzzing about it. The Banksy vs Bristol Museum show in 2009 drew in huge crowds, and his new show- Dismaland– is proving to be even more popular. Dismaland is an exhibition at a derelict seafront Lido in Weston-super-mare. The show has been described by Banksy as

[INTERVIEW] The Great Rene Ricard RIP

By Alain Elkann Rene Ricard  1946 – 2014 It is very sad to have to say that this is the last Rene interview, because the death of a poet is the end of a voice. In any generation there are very few voices like that of Rene. So I think that all the American people who love poetry and art will want to mourn for Rene and think of him. This interview is his last with me and it took place in my family home in Torino, where Rene stayed with Jacqueline and I in May, 2013. Rene spent

[INTERVIEW] Clare Haxby, Artist

How long have you been a Mompreneur? I have been a mompreneur for 14 years. When my first child was born I had been working as a creative make-up artist in London mostly on pop videos and on fashion and hair shoots with celebrity hairdresser Charles Worthington, as well as with Richard Ward who now does the hair of royalty (The Duchess of Cambridge) . I still did the odd fashion shoot when I became a mother but the pop videos I had to give up despite them being enormous fun.

[Viral Video] This Guy With Many Voices Is The “Hottest” Thing On The Internet Right Now

We have all heard about how this person-that person was discovered on the internet because of their video going super viral. In the age of mass communication, this should come to no surprise that one person’s destiny can be changed forever by a few clicks of a button. Once such person we are predicting (yes, you read it here first) is Roomie AKA The guy with 14 voices. Watch his video and find out why. [youtube id=”MNdg3F686hg” width=”667″ height=”356″] #artist #Internet #Vir

This Is Not a Photograph of Morgan Freeman.. Freaky!!

OK this one is for all your digital artists out there and/or anybody that appreciates good art. This unbelievably awesome painting of Morgan Freeman was created using one finger by oil painter Kyle Lambert – all on the iPad Air. Kyle is a trained illustrator from the UK loves uploading his time lapse work of arts of many different celebrities on to YouTube, but this one of Morgan Freeman has really set the internet on fire.. claiming ‘viral’ status! Artist Kyle Lambert is a