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A “Test Drive” To Remember By Pepsi MAX – Genius!

OK so we are on a roll with ‘Remixing The Cool’ and decided to keep going..

There seems to be growing trend with traditional corporate brands looking at viral video creation as a crucial part of their marketing outreach. We are seeing so many brands today engage world-class agencies to come up with simply awesome videos with the hope that they go viral.

The chances of a video truly going viral is slim but there is no exact science to it (Read this to learn how to make a viral video). That said, the clever folks at Pepsi have managed to hit a home run when they got Jeff Gordon (professional American stock car racing driver) to visit a car dealership totally disguised – who fools an unsuspecting car salesman to take the test drive of his life.

39 million clicks later, Pepsi can take solace in saying that they have created one hell of a viral video… well done guys!


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