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Do You Know What A Yellow Ribbon Tied On A Dog’s Collar Means?

It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon and you decide to bring the kids for a stroll in the local neighbourhood park. In the distance you see a cute little dog with it’s owner walking toward you. Your children’s eyes light up and they start screaming with excitement and proceed to run towards the dog. You suddenly realise that the doggie has a yellow ribbon tied to it’s collar.

What does that mean?

What do you do?


The answer is simple. A yellow ribbon tied to a dog’s collar indicates that you should proceed to approach the animal with caution. The dog may be overly aggressive or going through some issues like stress and/or anxiety. Be careful and keep your children away.

Yellow Dogs are dogs who need space – they are not necessarily aggressive dogs but more often are dogs who have issues of fear; pain from recent surgery – according to the The Yellow Dog Project’s website. They could also be a shelter dog or a dog in rehabilitation from abuse or an accident.

Does that mean that the dogs are man and will bite? No it doesn’t, it just mean that you should proceed with caution.

If you would like to make a donation to this wonderful cause to help the doggies, please click here for more information. To also spread the word and educate yourself more on this cause, check out their Facebook page.

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