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Meet The Real WALTER WHITE: Meth Dealer Kingpin

Many of us who have been consumed by the artistic genius of the hit series Breaking Bad will understand the depth and strength of “Walter White” – the show’s main character. His on screen presence as a chemistry school teacher turned meth cook turned drug kingpin has seen his character blossom into a household name across TV land.

The question has been asked we are sure of if there was a ‘real life’ Water White out there somewhere. Is there an example of life imitating art (or vice versa), and Living 360 has come across this video which introduces us to the main man!

Will the real Walter White please stand up?

Enter the real deal, Walter White (yes the same name) from Alabama.

The meth cook has been on the country’s most wanted list forever and for the first time exposes the secret of his legendary operation and explains about the how he got started and ofcourse – the mountains of cash! He also speaks out how he eventually got arrested and why his partners are spending life sentences behind bars.

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