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Pepsi MAX and Kyrie Irwing Create Super Viral Video And Schools Everybody

Every time Coca Cola comes out with a clever and edgy video, the folks at Pepsi step it up with something just as good. It seems that the world’s biggest super-brands are taking viral video VERY seriously and it’s starting to show.

This Pepsi MAX video is by no means their latest but it has seen an internet resurgence as it went viral a week about and started to amass a huge amount of YouTube hits (31m and counting). This time, the Pepsi MAX crew went to a pick-up game in Bloomfield, NJ and dressed NBA all star Kyrie Irving as “Uncle Drew” – who took it to the boys on the court and really showed them who’s boss.

The rest is pure magic.

Well done Pepsi MAX. [youtube id= “8DnKOc6FISU” width=”667″ height=”356″]

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