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The [Very] Dark Truth Behind Tim Hortons – #TimsDark Experiment

OK so if you live in Canada (like many of our readers do) then it will come to no surprise that Tim Hortons or Timmy’s is somewhat of a local institution. On a recent trip back to Toronto, my husband was introduced to the Ice Capp and swears it’s the best things he has ever had (mind you, he’s also very new to coffee!). The point being that Timmy’s has captured the heart and minds of everybody who has come before him, so when I came across this next little piece I had to share.

How do you bring attention to something like Timmy’s which has institutionalized itself into local culture?

How do you make a legacy brand edgy and bring it into the new age?

Easy – paint he whole thing BLACK!

They did so by painting Montreal’s Île-Perrot Tim Hortons ALL black – from the entire building to the slick vehicles parked outside.


The activation got a lot of attention in Montreal naturally but netizens also took to social media (almost 1.6m views on YouTube and counting) to speak of the dark side of Canada’s coffee culture.

But what was the reason behind this dark activation?

Those brave enough to ask the question and venture inside the black Timmys store were greeted by a man in night vision goggles who would guide them over to try Tim Hortons’ all-new “Dark Roast” blend of coffee. Ofcourse!

The whole thing was set up to compile footage for a gag reel which you can view below.

Question remains – would you be brave enough to venture inside?

Well done Timmys!

“We took away customers sense of sight, so we can supercharge their sense of taste” [youtube id= “svfFvkHgeWY” width=”667″ height=”356″]


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