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Est. 2012

Living 360, the brainchild of Amanda Dyer, is a captivating global community that reflects her insatiable passion for exploration, travel, and the convergence of art and culture. As a renowned travel writer, model, and photographer with over 25 years of experience in the fashion industry, Amanda's keen eye for beauty and storytelling has been the driving force behind this dynamic platform since its inception in 2012.


Captivating Stories 


At Living 360, Amanda curates an extraordinary collection of original articles that ignite curiosity and inspire wanderlust. These captivating narratives, handcrafted by Amanda and her team of dedicated global journalists, take readers on a journey through incredible eco-travel experiences, the pinnacle of elegant living, and the vibrant realms of arts, design, and craftsmanship. Every story emanates Amanda's unwavering dedication to authenticity and unparalleled storytelling.


Global Events 


Driven by her commitment to connecting communities, Amanda ensures Living 360 keeps readers at the forefront of the world's most important events. From the realms of music, entertainment, sports, to business, every update reflects her passion for cultural exchange and embracing diversity across the globe.


Buyers Guide


The Living 360 Buyers Guide is a testament to Amanda's exquisite taste and eye for excellence. Meticulously curated by Amanda herself, this section unveils a selection of must-have products that elevate daily living to extraordinary heights. From cutting-edge gadgets to stylish luggage and revolutionary anti-aging solutions, every recommendation carries Amanda's unmistakable seal of approval.




Amanda Dyer's Living 360 extends exclusive invitations to the lives and minds of illustrious celebrities. Through intimate interviews, Amanda peels back the layers, exploring the stories and perspectives of iconic figures like Dennis Hopper, Oscar De La Renta, and Isabella Rossellini. These captivating dialogues give readers a glimpse into the essence of the world's most esteemed personalities across film, music, food & travel.

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