Powerful Celebrities & Their Powerful Endorsed Brands – Amazing!

The power of celebrities has also changed the nature of endorsements; nowadays famous people have so much power they can dictate how the endorsement deal works or they even have large stakes in the businesses they are promoting. A great example of this is the mega deal that rapper and producer Dr Dre inked for Beats by Dre, the hugely successful headphones brand that has earned him millions. Instead of just being the pretty faces that make a brand look good, celebrities are n

In 10 Years, The World Will Welcome Windowless Planes – Check Out What The Cabin Will Look Like Insi

The commercial flight cabin as we know it will change forever in the (not so distant) future. According to the clever folks at the Centre for Process Innovation, a British based technology research firm – the inner cabin is in for one hell of a redo. Approximately 10 years for now, passengers will receive a visual treat when they fly in the commercial cabin. The aeroplane windows will be replaced with giant OLED displays lining the plane’s fuselage. OLED (organic light-emitti

Absolutely Genius Business Cards – We Guarantee You Will Never Throw These Away

How many times have you gone out and came home with a stack of business cards? If you are like the most of us, you just end up tossing them on top of the dresser and probably never look at them again. That is until you get one of these bad boys.. You see, making an impression is key in today’s noisy business world. The first step is to create a truly genius business cards that people will: (a)    Keep (b)   Talk about (c)    Show their friends (d)   Buy what you are selling C

Could This Be The Best Prank In Advertising History? – We Think So!

To plan, create & execute a world class advertisng campaign is costly. So why not get your competitors to do it for you? This is exactly what the clever marketing team at DHL did, and in return pulled off a brilliant prank on their competitors. The prank was super simple but very effective. They hired companies like UPS and TNT to deliver a cleverly crafted boxes for them to destinations that are hard to get too – and somewhat very public. The boxes were frozen to sub zero te

What Brands Would Be Saying If They Were Honest – Better Then The Real Ones!

Don’t you wished companies out there would just tell the truth about what their brands actually stood for? To get out there and shine some honesty on their offerings? To say what everybody is thinking anyway? To say it how is, because we the consumers are not stupid. There’s a better chance of having identical quadruplets (1 in 15 million) than this happening, so somebody else has done it for you. Check out these brutally “Honest Slogans” of what brands would be saying if the

LG Scares The Crap Out Of People. Again.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fpq07WS_UYM Nowadays, brands around the world really need to lift their game when it comes to creating compelling promotional content. Your run-of-the-mill campaigns simply don’t warrant the same attention as something a little more dynamic and creative. So when the clever folks at LG Spain came out with this video for their Ultra HDTV we simply had to share. (If you liked their last prank about the elevator with the ‘collapsing floor’ then you