Sinan Books, Shanghai – Old School Charm in a Modern City

With everybody buying books online today, many have stopped shopping at traditional bookstores it seems. This might certainly be the case, but there are a handful of us purists that do love the charm and serenity of a gorgeous bookstore. Once such example is Sinan Books in Shanghai. The store is recently opened and housed in a historic building across 3 floors. Carrying both English and Chinese books, this store has become a hit with locals and expats alike. The Sinan Mansion

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In today’s society, it is easy to assume that bookstores are a dying trade. With chain bookstores and sites such as Amazon and Book Depository, it seems only natural that book lovers would search for their books in these cheaper retails environments rather than in independent stores. However, there is a quiet revival of independent bookstores happening. The American Booksellers Associations tells us that the number of independent bookstores has increased more than 20% since 2