Kitchen Porn: 20 Of The Absolute Coolest Kitchen Gadgets

OK, if you LOVE cooking like we LOVE cooking then these cool gadgets are something you will 100% appreciate. We spend the most amount of time in our kitchen then any other room so why not deck it out with some nifty gadgets to make life easier, and cooking much more fun. The lemon spray has our vote! #Kitchen #Clever #Gadgets #Cooking #Inventions #lifestyle

Singapore’s Kitchen Superstar!!!

For all the foodies out there who love watching fantastic cooking shows like I do… I hope you got a chance to catch the amazing extravaganza that recently unfolded on screens all over Asia. The stars were shining but not as bright as Nico Chan’s – Singaporean contestant of The Big Break. Resorts WorldTM Sentosa (RWS) offered the chance of a lifetime to 12 underprivileged youths from six countries across Asia to fulfill their dreams in an original 13 x 30mins reality televisio