SERIES: PART 3 – Thinking Of Investing In Art?

Copyright: Leyla Mahat, 2016 The global art market is booming, with last year’s sales reaching a record £37bn, a 7% year-on-year increase and a little above the 2007 high of £35bn, according to the most recent figures from the European Fine Art Foundation (TEFAF). Like all investments you should never spend more than you can afford to lose. ENECAA advises its clients’ to start with emerging artists and markets. See my previous article Is this art any good? to read a brief dis

Series: Part 2 – Is this painting any good?

Beginner’s Guide to Buying Art Second of a short three part series by art specialist Sally J. Clarke on what to consider when buying art…. If you need to know the name of any artist to understand whether a painting is good or not then perhaps that art work is not for you. Good art work stands alone separate from its creator. Great art has an intrinsic value or quality that speaks to the viewer on its own terms, clearly stating the artist’s intention. We may not necessarily li