Versace Chateau, South Beach’s Most Notorious Hotel

Miami Beach Ocean Drive is a standout amongst the most photographed places in the world. However, with its neon lights and walkway bistros serving beer-garitas for two, it’s not very known for being a top of the line place. Settled in the midst of the low-rise Art Deco hotels, with floods of tourists walking past, is the Villa Casa Casuarina – also known as the Versace mansion. What many of the tourist busy snapping away selfies don’t realize is that this former home of the l

A Look At Louis Vuitton’s Sexy Homeware Line

Louis Vuitton has long been a luxury name in fashion. Their LV monograph is the ultimate stamp of luxury on any item. Known for their leather handbags, stylish clothing and incredible trunks, it is easy to forget that Louis Vuitton is a brand that focuses on all lifestyle garments- including homewares. Inspired by the aforementioned handbag, Louis Vuitton launched an Objets Nomades collection in 2012, at the Miami Art Basel. Now, this fabulous collection has been updated and