This Guy Photoshopped Himself Into Celebrity Pics – What A Legend!

OK so we thought this kid did a pretty good job at photoshopping himself into celebrity pic and guess what, he’s become an instant hit on the internet. Anybody that can walk away with the Queen B while peacing Jay Z has our vote. One word from us – WINNING! OTHER AWESOME ARTICLES YOU WILL LOVE !! 16 TOTALLY PHOTO-SHOPPED IMAGES THAT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A PHOTOGRAPHER FOLLOWS HIS GIRLFRIEND AROUND THE WORLD THE MOST DRAMATIC PHOTOGRAPHS OF 2013 – AMAZING

Is it time to question our standards of beauty? You have less than 40 secs to decide

We live in an age where we are constantly trying to deconstruct and analyze the roots of modern standards for beauty. I know this better than most having spent most of my life in the high-stakes world of fashion modelling. Feminism in particular has become quite focused on it’s negative impact upon women, especially since we are living in the age of eating disorders and what not. Whether it’s in tight corsets, super high heels, the booming cosmetic surgery industry and now th