[INTERVIEW] Bobby Chinn: What Do You Get When You Mix A Comedian, A Rockstar, A TV Star and A Celebr

Exclusive interview of renowned celebrity chef Bobby Chinn by Amanda Dyer. Can you tell our fans about your mixed heritage and how you ended up in Vietnam? I could go into greater fractions, but it gets a little bit more confusing so let me just say I am half Egyptian half Chinese. I was born in New Zealand and educated between The US, Cairo, and boarding school in the UK. I got a BA in finance and economics in London and worked in the investment industry: research analyst in

Top 10 Asian Golf Courses – Living360 style!

This next piece has been a passion project of mine as of late – for a couple of main reasons. Firstly, since my fiancé joined the region’s largest sports marketing firm and all he has been talking about, watching and reading about is golf, golf and more golf. The Golf Channel is on the box 24/7 as our household is transformed into a place of passion – truly dedicated to this wonderful sport. That said, I must admit that watching a world class tournament live on a breathtaking

Places To Visit Before You Die

For those of us who are world travellers and are looking for inspiration while planning the next adventure, this is especially dedicated to you. For those who simply need some eye candy so we can close our eyes and be transported to that special place, this dedication extends to you too. Sit back and enjoy the visual treat of places we all should try to visit before kicking the bucket! Whitehaven Beach, Queensland, Australia Tulip Fields, Amsterdam Tropea, Calabria, Southern