365 Ways To Get Rich

Ever wanted the keys to the kingdom handed to you so at a click of a finger, you can be filthy rich? Well dream on because becoming rich is not easy. It takes more then luck but rather strategy and hard work to hit the bling zone. The clever (and rich) folks at Forbes have put together this awesome list of 365 ways to get rich – taken directly from the Forbes 2014: Investment Guide. Here you will find advice like “Let your attorneys ride shotgun, but not in the driver’s seat”

Burn Baby Burn

OK so here’s the very first ‘inaugural’ item in a series of very cool things I’m going to include in my ‘Happiness Journal’.. This amazing product is suited towards the travelling gypsies out there. Let’s face it, in this day-n-age, all we do is travel. From cars to planes to hotel rooms & villas. The question I would like to ask you all, is – “What makes a hotel room, villa, serviced apartment and/or even a private yacht feel like home?” The answer is very simple – burn your