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360 Chef Series: Chef Moon, SUSHISAMBA (Dubai)

Updated: Apr 13

In my exclusive interview with Chef Moon from SUSHISAMBA Dubai, we delve into the culinary journey of a chef whose passion for cooking was ignited by early influences and has since flourished into a vibrant career. Chef Moon shares insights into his culinary philosophy, key influences, and the unique dining experience offered at SUSHISAMBA Dubai.

From memorable achievements to upcoming ventures, Chef Moon provides a glimpse into the world of culinary innovation and fusion that defines SUSHISAMBA. Join me as we explore the culinary landscape through the eyes of the super-talented Chef Moon.

What initially sparked your interest in the culinary arts, and how did you begin your journey as a chef?

My passion for cooking ignited early on, thanks to my mother's exceptional culinary skills, particularly in Japanese cuisine. Growing up, I found joy in preparing dishes alongside her, especially sushi, which holds a special place in my heart and reflects my heartfelt connection to cooking.

Can you share some insights into your culinary philosophy and the driving force behind your creativity in the kitchen?

My culinary philosophy centers on embracing life through cooking, fostering connections with guests, and honoring the hard work of my staff. For me, cuisine is more than just food; it encompasses a lifestyle enhanced through music, ambiance, and location.

What are some of the key influences or experiences that have shaped your approach to cooking?

My culinary journey has been shaped by invaluable experiences learning both authentic Japanese and international cuisines. This balance enables me to infuse creativity into my cooking process while staying attuned to emerging trends, thanks to the accessibility of social media.

Could you describe a particularly memorable culinary moment or achievement in your career so far?

Being named "Chef of the Year 2014-2015" by a culinary university during my time working in Singapore, this remains a highlight of my career. The recognition and respect from students inspired me to further my studies and dedication to the culinary arts.

How do you stay inspired and continually push the boundaries of your culinary skills and innovation?

My inspiration stems from simple yet effective practices:

a.         Respecting local markets, sourcing ingredients locally where possible.

b.         Staying ahead of restaurant and culinary trends.

c.         Actively seeking feedback from both guests and staff.

d.         My team’s support fuels my creativity and innovation in the kitchen.

SUSHISAMBA is renowned as one of the best restaurants in Dubai, offering spectacular views. Could you tell us more about the unique dining experience and atmosphere that SUSHISAMBA provides?

SUSHISAMBA offers a vibrant dining experience that is more fun dining than fine dining. Celebrating the culture and cuisine of Japan, Brazil and Peru, guests are invited to enjoy a multi-sensory dining experience amidst breathtaking 360-degree views of Dubai. Our colorful interior mirrors our eclectic blend of cuisines, making it a destination for unparalleled culinary experiences.

What advice would you give to aspiring chefs looking to pursue a career in the culinary industry?

While the culinary path demands dedication and long hours, embrace challenges without fear of failure. Each obstacle presents an opportunity for growth and learning, shaping you into a resilient and skilled chef.

Can you share any upcoming projects or initiatives that you're particularly excited about?

I'm very excited about our upcoming ventures like SUSHISAMBA Singapore, Abu Dhabi, and Milan, as well as Attiko in Lisbon and Vietnam. Additionally, I'm eagerly anticipating Hanu Dubai, where I'll showcase my expertise in Korean food, a cuisine close to my heart.


Hours of operation:


  • Monday – Friday: 12pm – 3pm

  • Saturday – Sunday: 1pm – 3:30pm

Vivo Business Lunch

  • Monday – Friday: 12pm – 3pm

Alegria Weekend Lunch

  • Saturday – Sunday: 1pm – 3:30pm


  • Sunday – Wednesday: 6pm – 2am

  • Thursday – Saturday: 6pm – 3am


St. Regis Hotel, Level 51 – The Palm Tower, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE


+971 4 278 4888


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