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7 Ways Successful People Rid Their Lives Of Toxic People. Time To Take Out The Trash!


People are as good as the people around them. This is an ethos that successful people understand and act on by being mindful of the people they keep interact and spend time with. Choosing friends and associates is one of the most important decisions you will ever have to make because it determines not only how well your business performs but also how happy you will be. Here are a few lessons we can learn from successful people and how they deal with toxic people.

1.They Read the Signs


It’s important to be perceptive if you want to be successful. You don’t necessarily have to be Sherlock Holmes but reading people so that you can separate the toxic from the rest is crucial. When you become sensitive to the words people say, the words they don’t say and the way they treat people, it becomes easier to pick up signs of their toxicity so that you can distance yourself from them. Another benefit of reading people is that it makes it much easier for you to predict their behaviour so you know how to protect yourself or avoid falling to their level. Look out for the ice bergs!

2.They pick their battles

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It’s easy to get embroiled in all sorts of conflicts with people you don’t agree with or like, but successful people understand that this isn’t always necessary. A disagreement with a toxic person might only have the effect of draining you and taking precious attention from the work you should be doing. Sometimes it’s better to swallow pride, stay silent and let the moment pass instead of messing up your own day by engaging with someone who doesn’t deserve your attention. The trick is to not act on impulse!

3.They hold onto the right people


While the workplace might be filled with those toxic elements that make the workday more stressful than it needs to be, there are also great people who will have a positive influence on your own life. When successful people find such individuals they make an effort to connect to them and leave no room for the negativity of toxic people. For all the toxicity of certain environments, always remember that there are good people who balance them out. These are the people that will help you get through. Fill your subs bench with positive people – always!

4.They are emotionally aware

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Emotional awareness is made up of several things; one of them being the ability to read your own emotions and keep them in check especially when a toxic person tries to push your buttons. Toxic people know exactly how to manipulate people by reading into their weaknesses and using them to get what they want. They might for example say something negative to a whole group of people with the intention of getting a response out of you. Be aware of what they might use against you so that you stop them from succeeding at getting a rise out of you.

5.They keep personal information to a minimum


A successful person is mindful of the information they disclose to people they work with and they avoid being the person that spills about their personal life. Not only can this be perceived as unprofessional in some settings, the information can also be twisted and spread as gossip by toxic people. Some toxic people will try to endear themselves to you by asking questions and then turn around and spread rumours or personal stories. The best way to stop this is to avoid providing fuel to their fire.

6.They remain professional


Toxic people have a tendency to enjoy attacking a person who openly shows animosity towards them, so successful people remain professional and friendly enough to keep relations amicable so that the other person doesn’t detect any sign of animosity. A toxic person can easily turn animosity into a way to turn others against you. Avoid making it easy for them.

7.They are masters of their own joy


Nothing drags you down like letting other people determine how you feel or see yourself. One of the most important characteristics successful people should have is a sense of confidence in themselves so that they don’t have to be validated by the words or opinions of others. When you deal with a toxic person, having confidence means you can come away from the interaction without feeling bad about yourself even if they tried to make you feel bad. Once you stop listening to what everyone else has to say, you silence the noise so that you can focus on achieving success.


A toxic person is only as powerful as you allow them to be and once you put this thought into action, it becomes quite simple to ignore their attempts to annoy you or bring you down. Sometimes silence is the best tool for ridding yourself of their negativity. It allows you to pay attention so that you read them better and it makes it less likely that they will try to provoke you. Successful people mastered this art and reap the benefits of this wisdom.


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