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Designer Holidays: A Look Into How The Mega-Rich Are Curating Their Travel


The rich and famous have always had the benefit of having things exactly how they want them, whether it was clothes, homes or cars. Nowadays, the culture of made to measure for the wealthy has extended to holidays with more people cashing in on vacations and trips that are especially designed for their tastes, styles and pockets. The days of conventional travel are fast becoming a thing of the past for the privileged. Today, those who can are working with travel consultants to curate the exact experience they want, and are assigning healthy budgets to make it happen.

Pyramid of Giza

Wanderlust and travel are some of the most popular hashtags on social media and people love to show off their wonderful holiday experiences. As a result the novelty of just travelling has worn off and now people want experiences that are rare and unique; and that’s where customized vacations come in. The boom in the need for unique experiences has led to the emergence of high-end travel agencies who dedicate themselves to providing wealthy customers with experiences that suit their specific tastes and needs.

The key trends in customized vacations are specialized trips and highly personalized trips. Personalized trips give travellers the chance to feel like royalty with a concierge at your every beck and call and luxury cars that can take you anywhere. These trips have been augmented by the partnerships many luxury hotels have with some of the world’s most exclusive fashion houses like Versace and Armani so your holiday gets another layer of opulence with bedding and furniture crafted by the world’s most sought after luxury brands. It comes as no surprise that these holidays have become popular with the “new money” crowd who have lots of disposable income to spend on these rare and self-indulgent experiences.

NOVIKOV - Private Jet menu 2

Customized holidays have as a result become popular with wealthy individuals and groups in China who want to travel the world without compromising on the quality they are accustomed to at home. Imagine being able to have a boutique closed so that you and your friends can shop in peace and quiet and having a private jet on call. These are the types of experience you can expect when you pay for these curated holidays.

Depending on the amount of money you have and where you want to go, you can visit the Vatican or go for a private viewing of the British Crown Jewels, and this can be arranged by the world class travel agents that understand that you want an experience very few people can say they have had. In Alaska, you can customise your vacation by choosing the specific activities you want to fill your schedule up with. Depending on your hobbies and preferences, this could be bear viewing or fishing or simply hanging out with a clan of penguins on a floating iceberg.

Millennium at Hubbard Glacier - Alaska Celebrity Solstice - Celebrity Cruises

Companies like Presidential Private Jet Vacations have made their way into offering luxury travel experiences because they have seen the demand for such services and the potential for growth in this niche as more people become millionaires and billionaires. Presidential Private Jet Vacations offers clients the chance to pick a group of people to travel with, the chefs that will serve them, the artists that will entertain them, the museum curators that will show them around and the concierge that will tend to their needs. The trips offered by the company include Morocco, India, Hawaii and Argentina. Presidential Private Jet Vacations sells itself on its ability to provide its valued clients with one of a kind services that make them feel special, treasured and important.


As the world continues to move toward making travel one of the most life changing things that can happen to anyone, it’s clear that customized, specialized and personalized trips will continue to grow in popularity. They will also continue to filter from celebrities, heiresses and tycoons to ordinary people who also want to feel like royalty even if it’s just for a few days. Expect these vacations to become even more personalized so that different people are able to find themselves and enjoy themselves in foreign and mysterious lands. Made to measure trips allow you to take a more active role in how you choose to spend your time away and how you want that experience curated. Welcome to the world of “YOU” – but remember, it doesn’t come cheap so start saving toady!


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