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Grassroots Luxury Woven Into A Must Have Fashion Accessory: Feel-goodism in Fashion

I have been in the fashion industry for over 20 years now and have worked with countless fashion designers all over the planet. In an attempt to be unique, many try to differentiate their work by the ‘green nature’ of their materials and craftsmanship. I have heard it all.

What seems to capture my heart is when a fashion brand can move a mountain – or in the case of APOCCAS, transforming the lives of an entire village in rural Thailand.

I’m about to introduce you to something very, very cool.


When I received my ENGIO scarves in Aubergine and CORE in grey, I was instantly taken back by how beautiful they looked but more importantly the strong story they told. The CORE scarf is made by weavers in Mukdahan (Northeast) and ENGIO is made from Peace Silk (Ahimsa), a method which allows the silkworm to escape the cocoon before it is boiled to soften; we use botanical dyes only. Wait it gets better…. CORE is made from eco-dyed cotton and botanical-dyed spun Mulberry silk and is the most lightweight scarf in the collection.


APOCCAS, which means ‘Ancient Power on Cashmere, Cotton And Silk’, was the brainchild of ex London hedge-fund manager Alexandra Du Sold, who left the hustle of the English capital at the height of the 2009 market crash in the pursuit of a more spiritual existence in the far east.


She found more than spirituality, but rather a purpose. The clever designer spent countless weeks roughing it out through rural Thailand in search for these master weavers she had only heard of. Her journey was long and dark but in the end, she found them.. the best in the land. “If families prosper then the village prospers and eventually the whole country will thrive. To help proliferate an otherwise dyeing ancient craft is key to gaining momentum with our plan” says Alexandra.


According to their website, the APOCCAS mission today is simple yet powerful: “to unite the warrior hearts of our weavers with the passion of our wearers, in the knowledge that the purity of our luxurious and powerful fabric treasures will lead the way”.

I love scarves, the story, the compliments I get when I rock one – I love it all and you will to.


For more information on this very special product, click HERE.


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