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Guana Island, British Virgin Islands: The World’s Dreamiest Private Island


Guana Island has to be one of the most beautiful places we have ever visited. On this majestic Island, the Caribbean meets the vast Atlantic. The food, accommodations and service at this island resort are all in the tradition of low-key luxury, and have been developed and perfected through seven decades of family devotion. With around 30 acres of privacy per guest, and no marina or public facilities, you can experience luxury in complete privacy – just like they have been doing for years and years.

First Impressions

Guana island is one of the few remaining privately-owned islands in its part of the world. Many have written about their experiences on the island over the years but a common thread has been how she leaves you with a lasting first impression that wont be forgotten years to come.


Nothing will prepare you for what you will see when you arrive at this majestic island paradise – there will be much to take in, with seven pure white sand beaches, miles of tropical forest, mountains, hills and valleys making up the 850 acres of natural beauty.


The Room

With a huge amount of privacy for each guest, each of the rooms here are outstanding. We suggest you stay in the sea view room with a pool. This room combines the classic Sea View Rooms – which give the ultimate hideaway experience – with a private pool.


The rooms are minimalistic, cozy and comfortable, with a shabby chic style and a private terrace for you to while the hours away in the sea breeze.


The luxury here is understated, so although you are indulging in absolute luxury, you will always feel relaxed and at ease. In other words, it doesn’t try to hard like the other island resorts around the world.

The Food

Guana restaurant serves up breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner, so there is no need to worry about going hungry! The food here is delicately prepared and perfectly executed, with dishes as authentic as the island created from locally sourced ingredients. A true farm-to-table concept if you like.



Expect to see menus including almond soup, Beef Tenderloin with confit potatoes and grilled vegetables and sushi maki roll, and, unlike many restaurants where vegetarian dishes are an afterthought, this restaurant offers up a separate vegetarian menu as exciting and varied as the omnivore choices. As a group of vegetarian and omnivore guests, there was plenty for us to choose from.

The Drink

Staying on a private island, it would be sacrilege for us not to enjoy a cocktail whilst watching the sun set. We travelled to ‘The Club’. The Club is an 18th century hilltop building surrounded by white jasmine, and cocktails are served up here each night.


You can drink under the stars on a candle-lit terrace and get to know the other guests, or sip in the library whilst tucking in to a good book.

The Surroundings

With a whole island to explore, you will never be lost for things to do. There are over 12 miles of hiking trails, which meander through mountains, hills and valleys. At Long Man’s Point you can hike in a cliff-side, natural pool, or you can ascend the 806-foot summit of Sugarloaf Mountain and end with a commanding view of the surrounding islands.


If you are more of a water lover, then you can swim, boat, paddleboard or kayak some of the finest snorkeling and diving in the British Virgin Islands. There are three very distinct reefs, and you can enjoy these from any level of experience, whether you are a beginner or a world-class diver. There are 125 varieties of tropical reef fishes, with large species like tuna and king mackerel.


Back nearer the resort, work up a sweat with a private or group yoga session in the Garden of Eden or a game of tennis on one of the two tennis courts, before unwinding with a massage on Guana’s White Bay Beach or in your own room. (If we were to guess, you will probably spend more time unwinding than actually working up a sweat!).


After a massage, you might want to consider heading out for a castaway picnic. This picnic is a completely private, lavish experience, where you will tuck in to a fantastic lunch with some lovely wine on a white castaway beach, with complete and utter privacy. Wedding proposal? Wont be the first we are told.

The Facts

Rooms: 18

Rates: From $750 per double room per night, excluding 18% tax and resort fee.

Extra: Rates include three meals a day, plus wine at lunch and dinner, afternoon refreshments, all on-island activities and Wi-Fi. They also provide wedding services.

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