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Medical Tourism in Asia is BOOMING! Our Guide To The Best Tune-Ups!

You take your car to a mechanic when in need for a tune-up, but where would you take your body for a medical tune-up?

To Asia of course.

According to the Medical Tourism Association, Medical Tourism is a whopping $100 billion dollar industry that is continuously growing. Asia is cashing in on this phenomenon – with thousands of people seen leaving Asia bandaged up after their nip & tucks. Asia has 212 JCI accredited hospitals. JCI is the Joint Commission International, and only the best hospitals in the world receive this seal of excellence.

Here is Living 360’s guide to medical tourism around Asia. What is available, and where to go for it.

South Korea



Armenian president Serzh Sargsyan had rejuvenation treatment at Chaum Center in Gangnam in 2014. As a result, many wealthy people and business owners have flown to Seoul for treatment. These have included the prime minister of Kazakhstan and members of Saudi royalty.

In 2009 a promotional campaign was implemented by South Korea. the Council for Korea Medicine Overseas Promotion introduced medical visas for foreigners. Since then, medical tourism has increased by 38.4% annually.

The Korea Tourism Organization projects that the annual number of medical tourists will rise from 399,000 last year to 998,000 in 2020, with resultant revenue rising from Won1tn to Won3.5tn.


  1. Rhinoplasty

  2. Eyelid Surgery

  3. Check-ups

Where to go

Established by the founder of Hyundai, this hospital has more than 3000 beds.

Asan Medical Center (88, OLYMPIC-RO 43-GIL, SONGPA-GU, SEOUL 138-736, KOREA)

The Harley Street Clinic Heart Specialists - Dr Liew and Dr Khurana

The Harley Street Clinic Heart Specialists – Dr Liew and Dr Khurana


The World Health Organization ranks Singapore as having the best health care system in Asia. Singapore is also ranked as the sixth best health care in the world.

A US-based grocery store chain will pay in full for their employees who require knee and hip replacements to have their surgery in Singapore, including the travel costs for two people.


  1. Organ Transplants

  2. Cancer Treatment (top specialty)

  3. Fertility Treatment

  4. Cardiac Surgery

Where to go

Gleneagles was ranked in top ten hospitals in the world and by far one of the best in Singapore!

Gleneagles Hospital (6A Napier Road Singapore, 258500)




Twenty-five million tourists visited Malaysia in 2013. This was 20% more than in 2012, and an estimated one million were medical tourists.

Malaysia has eight accredited JCI hosptials.


Plastic Surgery – a full face lift can cost $35,000 in the U.S. This is half the price in Malaysia.

Where to go

Prince Court Medical Center (39 Jalan Kia Peng, 50450 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia)

Fax number : +603 2160 0010




“According to government statistics, medical tourists boosted the Thai economy by $4.7 billion last year. While the U.S. is still first choice for the ultra-rich, Thailand is unquestionably No. 1 among everyone seeking affordable care” Patients Beyond Borders founder Josef Woodman says. Bumrungrad Hospital attracted 250,000 medical tourists, including 20,000 Americans and 8,000 Australians


  1. Cosmetic Surgery

  2. Eye care

  3. Dental Care

  4. Gender Reassignment

  5. IVF Treatment

Where to go

Bumrungrad International Hospital (33 Sukhumvit Soi 3, Wattana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand)

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