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Nihiwatu: Adventure To The Edge Of Wilderness – Living 360

Pic: CNN Traveller

Pic: CNN Traveller

The Nihiwatu Beach (Sumba Island, Indonesia) attracted the ancestors of Sumba, the Marapu, and landed on the island many years ago. The creators of the resort, Claude and Petra Graves, arrived on the same beach in 1998 in search of the perfect wave. After many years of hard work, the result was a collaboration between the Nihiwatu and the local community. Nihiwatu is the biggest employer on the island and uses the Sumba foundation to give back to the community. Nihiwatu is a beautiful and unique resort, offering up an opportunity to discover and truly immerse yourself in nature. It combines natural beauty with luxury facilities.


Pic: Lifestyle Asia

Pic: Lifestyle Asia

The resort has twenty-one villas; each one built with private terraces on half a kilometer of private beach. The villas are hand crafted by local craftsmen, using materials that are local to Indonesia, and are the ultimate in responsible luxury.

There are five different types of villa to choose from. There are options for smaller parties, with villas such as Raja Mendaka, which has two bedrooms, a large decking area, cold dip plunge pool and lap pool. Larger families are also catered for, with the Pantai villas- three bedrooms, open air entertaining spaces, private dining area with kitchen, bar and butler service. If you are looking for a more private experience then choose the Maranagga – a one-bed honeymoon style villa. In this villa the bed takes center stage, but you are completely secluded, and can enjoy your private plunge pool, outdoor shower and lounge deck in privacy.



Executive head chef Bernard Prim creates the culinary experience at this resort. Prim comes from Aman Resorts, where he was responsible for earning the resort the title of ‘Best Island Resort Cuisine’ at the Conde Nast Traveller Awards in 2013. There are three restaurants to choose from. Menara is located at the highest point of the resort, and is inspired by local Sumbanese architecture. It is a relaxed dining space, adorned with cozy seats, books and board games. It is the perfect place to relax with your family during the afternoon, serving up afternoon tea complete with banana bread and raisin scones.


Nio Beach Club is a different culinary experience, serving up fresh lunches and dinners in an open air setting on a pavilion just steps from the sea. Wednesday nights are BBQ nights, and Sundays are ‘Movie Under the Stars’ evenings. Finally, Ombak is the busy and spacious dining area serving breakfast and dinner every day. A large deck looks out over the ocean, and a seating area called ‘The Nest’ makes for the perfect romantic meal as it is situated on the crest of the ocean.


Nihiwatu is full of activites for those who want to explore and those you would rather kick back and relax. There are daily excursions and wellbeing activites.

• Hiking • Horse whispering experience • Mountain biking • Horse riding • Land Rover safari • Yoga • Spa • Surfing • Snorkeling • Scuba Diving • Kayaking • Paddle boarding • Fishing • Ritual cultural displays



Children are certainly welcomed at the resort, with larger villas for larger families and daily film showings for children

Extra Information

Nihiwatu is an incredible resort, with a focus on creating an extremely lavish experience using the nature of the island. Over the last thirteen years, the Sumba Foundation has set up over fifteen primary schools, built 48 wells, 5 clinics, provided 172 villages with clean water and reduced Malaria in the neighboring villages by 85%.


Rates start from approx. US $900 per room per night at full board. Full board includes all meals and non-alcoholic drinks.


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