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Say Hello To The Uber Of Private Jets | Living 360

No longer will you see a collection of private jets sitting around waiting to get booked. Flying ‘private’ has become that much easier with what people are calling “the UBER of private jets”.

Say hello to JetSmarter.

Founder Sergei Petrossov founded the company to make flying private a breeze. Founded in 201, the company is backed by heavyweights including the Saudi Royal Family, Jay-Z and Goldman Sachs. Celebrities like Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx are regular customers as the service grows in status and popularity.

So how does it work?

For an annual membership fee of £15,000, members can charter a jet from their smartphones. The fee includes access to unlimited flights under three hours duration. Petrossov has been quoted saying “We have lowered the entry price for private aviation as much as ten times – which is massively disruptive, and why our company has grown the way it has”.

JetSmarter has routes that encompass cities in the Middle East, US and Europe, with aggressive plans to expand into Asia and South America.

More info: www.jetsmarter.com

“Yesterday’s flyers settled for expensive brokers, inefficient jet cards, and crowded airport terminals. We’ve created a fresh alternative.”

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