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Spray-On Caffeine: Welcome To The End Of Tired

Do you love the energy you get from a cup of Joe but not the jittery after effect? Then read on because we have the ultimate product for you.

Caffeine lovers we would love to introduce you to the world’s first spray-on caffeine. That’s right you heard correct.


When entrepreneurs Ben Yu and Daven Soni met they knew that their spray-on idea could change the world – especially seeing that coffee was the most popular drink in the world. Yu, who studied molecular and chemical biology at Harvard joined forces with Soni, a venture capitalist to create this simply awesome energy spray.


Their clever tagline boasts, “Welcome to the end of tired”

Why does Living 360 love this brand?

  1. It’s small, compact and portable – carry it in your car, purse or gym bag!

  2. It’s not crawling with nasty additives and has no color, fragrance or smell.

  3. It doesn’t give you the jitters, crash or caffeine overdose – which works well in our books.

  4. It’s cheaper (approx. US $15) than our soy lattes and Red Bulls

Where to buy?

For more information on this awesome product, please visit their website or you can visit their Facebook page.

If have tried this product then please leave us a comment with your review – we would love to hear from you.

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