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“THEIPHONETRAVELLER” Instagram Moment: A View Of The World’s Oldest Chinatown, Man

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As I stood at the water’s edge of Fort Santiago, a citadel first built by Spanish conquistador, Miguel López de Legazpi – I couldn’t help but notice the buildings across the water reflect so vividly on the river. This was caused by the epic sunset and what can only be described as the day’s best light. I was quickly informed by my guide Victor that we were infact staring at the “Binodo” – a toponym derived from the archaic spelling of the Tagalog term “binondoc” or mountainous, referring to Binodo’s originally hilly terrain.

The Chinese traded in the Philippines long before the Spanish,. However the founding of what is now known as the world’s oldest Chinatown (1594) was a product of the Spanish colonial policy towards the Chinese population. Rich in history and culture, this area has seen a resurgence in design whilst still maintaining it’s heritage and authenticity. I was delighted to capture her from across the river, so we can marvel at her beauty.

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