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This Is The world’s Most Expensive Beef Noodle Soup | Living 360

Think about the world’s best beef noodle soup to tantalize your taste buds now you should be warned to take a look at your wallet foremost. As the beef noodle soup also known as comfort food is worth a whopping 325 dollars in Taipei, and it doesn’t include any type of precious stones in it’s preparation. Surprisingly the customers don’t exactly mind paying that much.

Niu Ba Ba which was founded in the 90s in Taiwan and serves eight different types of scrumptious beef noodles. These cost from 16$ for the Beef Father Beef Noodle Soup and 325$ for Presidential Beef Noodle Soup.

The specialty of a different bowl of soups is different types of meat cuts that are imported from America and Australia. The most expensive beef noodle soup features the ribbon steak and ribs. Beef in a cut in specific styles and is frozen for three days so the signature texture and flavor can be achieved precisely. The soups are prepared from 6 types of broths and noodles are later soaked in the soup.

Different customers can customize their menu according to their choices and due to the unique taste and variety the shop has a huge fan following which includes locals as well as tourists. As every success comes after hard times the creator of the restaurant Niu Ba Ba has also witness his handful of tough times. From spending two decades in Canada, Wang Tsung (the original owner) and Eric Wang’s father decides to travel back to Taiwan to open a noodle shop.

After a few experiments, the soup didn’t taste right for the people, and the partner backed out. Leaving only Wang Tsung Yuan to refine the recipe for years till it was perfect. As the business expanded the size of shop shrank as in 2007 after 20 years the shop was moved to a new smaller location with about 20 customers at most. The price of the soup was also finalized in 2007 and before that the soup tag was left blank for almost 14 years and customers were asked to pay on their own will.

For those who think they can’t afford $325, beef noodle soup can always opt for a less expensive bowl. As the President noodle soup is only offered once every day.

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