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Want To Stop Buying Bottled Water? Now You Can.

We all know that the summer music festival season is about to kick off very soon. This means that many of you will be rallying the troops & getting dance floor ready to see some of the best musical acts on the planet.

Be it Coachella Valley Music & Festival in California or Fuji Rocks in Niigata, Japan (this year Kanye West & Jack Johnson will entertain 100,000 festival goers), one this is for sure – you will be drinking lots of water.


So what is the alternative to spending a truck load on expensive bottled water?

Simple, purify your own.

Living 360 – we would like to introduce you to SteriPEN.


Dubbed as the world’s leading manufacturer of ultraviolet, handheld water purification systems. SteriPEN is fast, lightweight, easy, and effective. When you are on the go, be it a hike or travelling through a foreign land, this handy device is a great alternative to buying expensive water. In extreme conditions, it can also save your life.


As their website proudly boasts “SteriPEN comes in a variety of models for travel, outdoor recreation, family heath, and emergency preparedness situations, making safe drinking water available to anyone, anytime, anywhere, at a small fraction of the cost of bottled water.”


We think this is a great product to invest in as most models are reusable for up to 8,000 liters — that’s over 7 years of safe drinking water!

Who’s thirsty?


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