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Whisky In The Clouds – Bangkok Style

It seems as if Whisky is the new chameleon – does its taste better at a higher altitude? Well, some people tend to think so.

The idea of sipping whisky in the clouds seems exotic and much far away from reality. While the former is true, the latter is not.

Sipping whisky in the sky is as much as a reality as a trip to the moon. All of this can be experienced in Bangkok’s Alfresco 64, which claims to be the world’s highest whisky bar. It is located on the 64th floor of the city’s sky-scraper Lebua at the State Tower Hotel, which is almost 800 feet above the ground.

The Bar serves as a latest addition to the hotel’s rooftop restaurants and dining areas. The bar, together with the restaurants and the dining areas is referred as the ‘dome’, all of which indicate towards the building’s grandeur dome shaped architecture.

The bar has earned the hotel a lot of attention in the media and the general population, it has been ranked as the best place to drink and ‘have the time of your life’. And this does not end here, the bar has numerous advantages as well.

The Sky Bar, as it has been named, does not contain any sort of seating; it is a popular tourist spot, with people flocking towards it to take selfies. However, Alfresco 64 has a very cosy environment, which makes it the perfect place for serious conversations and romantic intimacy.

The Sky Bar has to maintain its high standards, therefore the whisky served here is of the best quality, no doubt about that!

Apart from providing a window to the exotic beauty of the city, Alfresco 64’s Sky Bar is also home to some of the world’s best and rarest whiskies, an example of that would be the Royal Salute 62 Gun Salute, which costs a whopping $550 per glass, but it’s worth the money. The bar’s fine whisky collection is also home to the Chivas Regal Lebua Blend, which costs $6000 per bottle. The distinctive feature about the Regal Lebua Blend is that it has been specially created for the Sky Bar.


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