Chef’s Gone Wild. Awesome Culinary Pop-Ups Take The World By Storm

OK, let’s face it – who doesn’t like a good pop-up? Especially if these pop-ups are from some of the most creative and sought-after chefs in the world. We take a culinary global tour to discovery some super cool pop-ups and the even cooler chefs behind them. 1. Malcolm Lee at Asia Society’s Garden Court Cafe, New York Seldom does Chef Lee leave his restaurant, Candlenut in Singapore. But, do not worry, you would not have to travel half way across the world to taste his handma

Dirty French (NYC): French Bistro Food, Air Jordans & Julian Schnabel -Living 360

Where? Dirty French is a modern take on a French bistro situated on the Lower East Side of New York City. The restaurant was created by Mario Carbone, Rich Torrisi and Jeff Zalaznick. With it’s eight foot high neon pink peep show signs reading Dirty and French it is impossible to miss – fast becoming a landmark in the LES. What? The restaurant takes classic French dishes and uses modern techniques and flavors to create an exciting and contemporary menu. The restaurant caters