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Chef’s Gone Wild. Awesome Culinary Pop-Ups Take The World By Storm

OK, let’s face it – who doesn’t like a good pop-up?

Especially if these pop-ups are from some of the most creative and sought-after chefs in the world. We take a culinary global tour to discovery some super cool pop-ups and the even cooler chefs behind them.

1. Malcolm Lee at Asia Society’s Garden Court Cafe, New York

Seldom does Chef Lee leave his restaurant, Candlenut in Singapore. But, do not worry, you would not have to travel half way across the world to taste his handmade delicious meals. He recently showcased his pop-up in New York at Asia Society’s Garden Court Café for two months from March to June.

2. Iberostar Chefs on Tour to Africa

The top-notch international chef party that includes the likes of Emma Bengtsson from New York and Suzette Gresham from San Francisco are heading to warmer regions, notably Mexico, for pop-up dinners with the Iberostar group. The nine chef party together boasts fourteen Michelin stars, which means that the Iberostar hotels will witness each of their signature dish.

3. Four Hands Dinners at Spain

In order to mark the historic 20th anniversary of the Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao, four of the world’s most renowned and best international chefs are joining forces for a series of “four hands” dinners. The entourage of the chefs include, Bruno Oteiza, Joan Roca, Mauro Colagreco and Virgilio Martinez. All of these talented people work in a Michelin star restaurant and want the world to taste their gift.

4. Test Kitchen

Hong Kong’s vibrant and colourful dining scene regularly boosts of its ever emergent pop-up dinners held at Test Kitchen, in its Sai Ying Pun district. The place is famous for its regular high-skilled and technical pop-ups, in which chefs brandish their culinary skills to the audience.The staff of chefs includes the masters from all across the globe, be it Asia or America. Test Kitchen definitely sets the bar high for pop-up experiences.

5. Archipelago Amigos

Archipelago Amigos beautifully and skilfully fuses the Eastern and Western cuisines, as the pop-up is famous for bringing together the best Eastern and Western chefs on one platform.

6. The “Sparkling 10” Chef Series

The Sparkling 10 is a popular pop-up that takes place every year in Macau, China and is famous for its culinary richness. The pop-up is also famous for bringing the best chefs from across the world to a single platform, together they create magic.

7. New York’s Root & Bone

Jeff McInnis and Janine Booth, the maestros behind New York’s Root & Bone have decided to take their game to another level, to another continent in Puerto Rico. Their dishes carry an authentic traditional South American taste.

8. Epicurean Exploration

James Beard, the Oscar winner of the food world will cook for the guests abroad, and take them on a food cuisine from Dublin to Dubai. It’d be ride to remember!

9. Collaboration Dining

Collaboration dining takes place in Hong Kong, and is home to regular Michelin winning chefs.

10. TaliWiru

Is an open air pop-up restaurant, which serves some delicious dinner in the beachy Australian sun-set. Seriously, what can be better?


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