In 10 Years, The World Will Welcome Windowless Planes – Check Out What The Cabin Will Look Like Insi

The commercial flight cabin as we know it will change forever in the (not so distant) future. According to the clever folks at the Centre for Process Innovation, a British based technology research firm – the inner cabin is in for one hell of a redo. Approximately 10 years for now, passengers will receive a visual treat when they fly in the commercial cabin. The aeroplane windows will be replaced with giant OLED displays lining the plane’s fuselage. OLED (organic light-emitti

This Dancing Man Will Save Your Life At Traffic Lights, While Entertaining You.

We live in a world where we are constantly in the search for innovation. In search for that “special idea” that can change our lives for the better. Sometimes we come across such an idea which is often simple but genuis, and it makes us STOP and say “wow”… this is one of those ideas. The biggest problem areas for pedestrian fatalities is around traffic lights. People just don’t want to stop when the red man comes on… that is until he starts dancing. Check it out. #Dance #Danc

MIT Finds This 15 Year Old Kid Scouring Dustbins For Parts. What He Builds Will Make You Cry.. Must

There are those who dream about innovation and those who foster it through definitive action. When MIT discovered a young Sierra Leone teenager inventing simple things to support his community from things he found in the trash – they brought him to campus. Here, 15 year old Kevin blew them away with his desire and skills to do better for not only his family, but his community. Could this be a start of an uprising,.. a movement of youth innovators who come together to make Afr

Give Time The Finger!

OK, you are probably thinking to yourself – we can see the time on our phones, our laptops, on our car dashboards and everywhere else these days. The last thing we need is for our jewellery to start telling the time – right? Wrong – Let’s step into tomorrow. Please feast your eyes on the ultra-cool finger bling called the Ring Clock. All you need to do is glance at your finger to when you need to know just how late you are for that 9:00am meeting. Originally created as a desi