[Viral Video] This Guy With Many Voices Is The “Hottest” Thing On The Internet Right Now

We have all heard about how this person-that person was discovered on the internet because of their video going super viral. In the age of mass communication, this should come to no surprise that one person’s destiny can be changed forever by a few clicks of a button. Once such person we are predicting (yes, you read it here first) is Roomie AKA The guy with 14 voices. Watch his video and find out why. [youtube id=”MNdg3F686hg” width=”667″ height=”356″] #artist #Internet #Vir

Revealed!! The Art Of Getting Serious Action On TINDER

Have you always wished for an easy way to meet people online but don’t have the time to sit behind a computer and find them on dating sites? Well thanks to Tinder all you need is your mobile phone and the app to expand your social life. Tinder has a staggering 20 million users and is part of the greater revolution of online dating sites that make the concept of meeting new people and getting to know them a whole lot easier. With so many people online, it can seem quite daunti

The Power Of The Internet Can Move Mountains – It Even Gave This Homeless Man A Home

I know that we have all seen examples of how crowd funding can get a new business funded and off the ground super quickly – changing the course for so many start-ups. But what about using this powerful movement to fund somebody’s dreams, or better still, change their lives forever. This video went viral and created one hell of a buzz. We really hope to hear more stories like this. Enjoy! [youtube id= “lK1vPu6U2B0#t=424″ width=”667″ height=”356”] #charity #CSR #Internet #Posit

14 Naughty Things You’re Doing On The Internet

Let’s face it tech-heads, we have all done something illegal on the internet before. Be it downloading that new Coldplay album or the latest episodes of Breaking Bad.  It could be as harmless (in your mind) as jumping on somebody else’s WiFi or re-using somebody else’s image without prior consent. Even though it doesn’t sound like much to us and most of use don’t blink twice when doing such things, the fact remains that it’s illegal, and very NAUGHTY!!  We like this piece by