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Revealed!! The Art Of Getting Serious Action On TINDER


Have you always wished for an easy way to meet people online but don’t have the time to sit behind a computer and find them on dating sites? Well thanks to Tinder all you need is your mobile phone and the app to expand your social life. Tinder has a staggering 20 million users and is part of the greater revolution of online dating sites that make the concept of meeting new people and getting to know them a whole lot easier.

With so many people online, it can seem quite daunting finding people you can connect with. While it might seem difficult to find your place in cyberspace dating, success is possible and likely if you know exactly what you’re doing. This therefore makes it necessary to apply tactics and strategies to make sure you find some matches and get some action!

Be Open Minded


Sometimes what stops us from meeting people are the narrow expectations and standards we set. We want someone who’s a specific height, or someone who dresses a certain way. There’s nothing wrong with being attracted to a type but this shouldn’t be come a stumbling block for you meeting other people. Use your time on Tinder to open up your mind and expose yourself to people who might fall outside the age group or physical traits you usually look out for. Who knows what you might find?

Open mindedness also extends to who you accept or swipe. Don’t be too picky hoping to get a Ryan Gosling lookalike. Some people deserve a chance and they might actually surprise you by getting you out of your comfort zone.



The most work you probably have to do on Tinder is setting up a profile that attracts the right kind of people. Put thought into the profile picture or avatar because this is what draws people in or pushes them away. Avoid pictures with animals, kids and you showing too much skin as these can be deal breakers. Choose a picture that’s attractive but also represents you in an honest light. There’s no need to Photoshop or over-tweak it. People respond well to pictures that show that you’re approachable and pleasant, not pictures that look like you’re trying too hard to be cool or sexy.

A bio is also an incredible way to draw the right people in, so make sure you write the right thing. Instead of writing something fake and complicated, say something that fits into your personality whether this is a joke or a witty statement. Avoid making your bio too long because people won’t read it. Make it something that makes you stand out and makes your potential matches curious.


Copy of hobbies and interests

Sometimes what makes someone match with you are the interests that you have on your Facebook page so make sure you keep them updated and fascinating. So list the bands, movies and TV shows you like because they reveal more about your personality than any bio would. You would be surprised at how many responses your love for the Walking Dead might get!



People respond well to people who show off different facets of their personalities so do this with your Tinder page. Have pictures of you with different outfits and hairstyles; show yourself in a professional setting and when you’re having fun. Post about your hobbies and the things you care about, these go a long way to show that you are a multifaceted person that someone can have fun with in different settings.



The whole point of Tinder is finding geographic matches. If you don’t stay in areas where there are a lot of people, widen the geographic distance in the settings so that you have the potential to find more matches.

Have Fun


Online dating should be fun, not something that becomes a chore or a bore. Make sure you’re always having a good time on Tinder, it makes you a lot more approachable than someone who takes themselves and the process way too seriously. If you have a goofy side, don’t be afraid to show it off. Remember that you might have traits that someone else might find irresistible.

Online dating has been made easier and more fun by Tinder and the secret to unlocking its incredible abilities is primarily based on how you present yourself and your preconceived notions. If you present yourself honestly and pleasantly you will find that the process of matching and meeting with great people isn’t rocket science at all.

Just remember to always use your best judgment and encourage all physical meetings to be in a public place – at least for the first time!


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