360 Chef Series: Chef David Almany

Why did you decide to become a chef? Being a chef came very naturally to me. I cooked with my mother all the time growing up and by the age of 14 enrolled in a occupational college cooking program to learn catering and classic french cooking. I was hooked at a young age. Did you go through culinary school? What credentials did you earn through your culinary studies? I went to culinary school in Santa Barbara California. One of the most picturesque of all culinary schools. I w

Soi 60 dishes out a no-nonsense approach to classic Thai food in Singapore

The Singapore dining scene, especially in hip urban hot-spots like Robertson Quay is fast becoming a breeding ground for greedy restaurateurs who have no guilt about charging extraordinary pricing for mediocre food. Nestled around such establishments in the Robertson Quay area is a hipster-ish eatery that may easily be mistaken for such a place, but refreshingly is something quite the opposite. When we were invited down by the lovely folks at Soi 60 Thai to come back and try

Eggslut: Don’t Let The Name Fool You, Los Angeles, CA

Where? Eggslut is a hip, young food concept situated in Downtown Los Angeles. Eggslut began as a food truck, ran by Alvin Caillin, and in November 2013 it opened up shop in the stylish, foodie heaven that is Grand Central Market. It sits at the front of the market and features a long row of counter seating around the kitchen area. What? The menu, as you can tell from the name; is focused around one ingredient- egg. The food here is to be eaten with your hands, so the menu con