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360 Chef Series: Chef David Almany

Why did you decide to become a chef?

Being a chef came very naturally to me. I cooked with my mother all the time growing up and by the age of 14 enrolled in a occupational college cooking program to learn catering and classic french cooking.

I was hooked at a young age.

Did you go through culinary school? What credentials did you earn through your culinary studies?

I went to culinary school in Santa Barbara California. One of the most picturesque of all culinary schools. I was kind of a party animal in college, however I did graduate near the top in my class.

Is there a chef you admire the most? Who and why?

I admire many different chefs for many different reasons. I appreciate the chefs that cook in the kitchen into their old ages and are truly masters of their craft such as Alain Passard in Paris just as much as I admire chefs who are able to create a sustainable future for themselves by becoming real business men/women and build businesses that are substantial and allow them to exit the restaurant and live the life they always dreamed of living like my mentors Nancy Silverton, Mario Batali. I was kind of a party animal in college

Can you describe the type of food you are making at the moment?

American Italian.

How do you describe the (Singapore) food scene at the moment?

The Singapore food scene is thriving at the moment. There a lot of great things happening here. My only complaint with the abundance of restaurants opening every day in Singapore is that there seems to be a  lack of quality in many of the new ones.

Besides your own – list 3 other restaurants in (Singapore) you absolutely love at the moment.

  1. DB Oyster Bar & Bistro at Marina Bay Sands

  2. Cheek by Jowl

  3. Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck

Do you have a sense of humour?

I think I do. However I cannot be the true judge of that…..

What is your favourite cuisine to cook? Why?

My favourite cuisine to cook is Italian.. Duh… 🙂

What is your favourite wine? Why?

My favourite wine is White wine from the Burgundy region of France.

What trends are you noticing regarding wine and food pairings?

I notice people are trying to pair a lot more cocktails with food which I do not agree with. Cocktails before and after, wine throughout the meal for me.

Cocktails before and after, wine throughout the meal for me.

What do you do to stay current on new trends? Describe two or three of the most interesting trends right now.

I eat out as much as I can. I read blogs, magazines and hang out with other chefs in the city and discuss whats going on in cooking.

Chefs are really making an effort to make a difference in the world at the moment and it is very interesting and beautiful to see. I am from the old school of the restaurant world where the chef was such a singular job title. Now chefs like Dan Barber are pushing the boundaries between humanitarian, conservationist and Chef! We are tasked in this day and age with this global phenomenon called global warming and a lot of chefs are stepping up and doing as much as they can to help the situation.

How involved are you with menu development and overall design?

I have complete control of menu development however I always discuss final decision with my partner to make sure we are on the same page covering all topics..

Describe your last meal on earth.

I sit with all of my loved ones on very comfortable leather chairs at a beautiful wooden table with no table cloth. We start with being poured an incredible Chardonnay and receive a few rounds of impeccably executed canapés made by some of the worlds best chefs. We move into a seafood course. Cured, raw, grilled, steamed impeccable seafood from all over the world are served.

Then Pasta.

Something simple.

Maybe a perfect Alio olio or pomodoro of spaghetti with garlic, chili and basil. A magnum of 2001 Opus one is decanted. Then the main. Wood Grilled Rib Eye steak with crispy fried potatoes and a lemony mixed green salad with the best quality lettuces and tomatoes from California my home state.

Dessert is cheese. Every type you can imagine from the far reaches of the earth. Mostly from France however. After Dessert I am made a flawless Old Fashioned with 25 year aged Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon and then I am ready to leave Earth.

… and then I am ready to leave Earth


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