23 Creative & Affordable Ways To Market Your Small Business

With any small business, marketing is key. You need to reach and retain customers, yet as a small business or start up you will most likely not have the funds to outsource your marketing needs. Marketing can be both time consuming and expensive- however it does not have to be this way. There are plenty of ways in which you can reach your client base, gain important customers and continue to keep these customers happy, interesting and spending their money on your business. LET

Living 360’s Guide To Surviving A Plane Crash – Must Read For Frequent Flyers

For some people, embarking on a flight can be a frightening situation. March 8th 2014 saw a Malaysian Airlines flight go missing entirely. Another Malaysian Airlines flight was shot down on July 17th 2014, and most recently, an Asia Air flight went missing in December 2014. Yet, air travel is still an important part of our society. So what can you do to increase your chances of survival in a plane crash situation? We had a good think about it and came up with the following su

Everything [And We Mean Everything!] You Need To Know About Singapore Life.

I remember when I moved to Asia in 1994 – it was incredibly difficult to find information around the basics like what was it like to live in Tokyo? What suburb was the best for a young women? Where to buy groceries? What were the hip places to eat? You get the point… Back in the day you would need to rely on friends (and strangers) to help with such valuable insider information. Well these days, things are different. Living in the digital age means that our lives are more int