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23 Creative & Affordable Ways To Market Your Small Business


With any small business, marketing is key. You need to reach and retain customers, yet as a small business or start up you will most likely not have the funds to outsource your marketing needs. Marketing can be both time consuming and expensive- however it does not have to be this way. There are plenty of ways in which you can reach your client base, gain important customers and continue to keep these customers happy, interesting and spending their money on your business.

The easiest and most cost effective way to market a small business is through the internet. This was not possible many years ago- when businesses would have to go door-to-door, informing clients about who they were and what their service was. This worked before the internet become commonplace, but now door-to-door marketing is seen as annoying. Think about all the leaflets you get posted through your letterbox- do you actually take the time to sit down and read these, or do you simply discard them without a second glance?.. (READ MORE)


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