Want To Beat The Clock And Slow Down Aging? Doctor Says Get In The Pool

OUTRALF HIRSCHBERGER/AFP/Getty Images The 1985 Ron Howard movie “Cocoon” sees a group of elderly adults gain a new found strength, enhanced energy and a new lease of life and youthfulness from swimming in their local pool. Now, the pool in the movie contains powers from another planet, however, you can have a similar experience yourself by taking a dip in your pool. Of course, your pool will not be a creation of an alien life form, but this does not mean to say that it cannot

[Interview] Rhyce Lein, GM GuavaPass: Leading A Fitness Revolution

1.Can you tell us a little about GuavaPass and the concept behind it? GuavaPass launched back in July 2015, it gives members access to a community of fitness studios and healthy¬living experts, offering unlimited classes at premium fitness studios, exclusive events with wellness experts, community classes and a range of perks from healthy living partners in your city. All classes have been hand selected by our team of fitness enthusiasts, who live and breathe a healthy lifest

Top 10 Foods To Lower Your Cholesterol – Living 360

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the Untied States, and, unfortunately, it is our own fault. We are now eat much more fatty fast food than ever before and are less physically active than ever. If you know anything about leading a healthy life, you will know that the key to maintain a healthy weight is putting in slightly more calories than you are burning out. So, this combination of more calories in, less calories burned is a lethal one. Not only does it carry

Attention Singapore! Time To Get Super Fit And Win A TANZANITE In Return

Attention Singapore! OK, so here’s a kick in the backside that we all need. Put your hands up if you have been thinking about getting into shape but (for many reasons) haven’t found the right time to start? I think most of us have been there at one time or another. What works really well to get us off our butts and get started is a motivational nudge by somebody else. Look no further because the great team at UFIT Singapore have created one hell of a motivational program call

Vacuum The House And Look Like A Million Bucks.. Yes It’s Possible

Hello Living 360! So, last time I asked just what is stopping you from starting to work towards your dream of a new healthier, fitter you. Since then I have been amazed to find out just how little exercise some of my new clients had actually been doing on a daily basis before signing up for PT and actually found it quite worrying!! Desk jobs, owning a car and driving everywhere, having a helper who basically does all the leg work in the house and too much time spent in front