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[Interview] Rhyce Lein, GM GuavaPass: Leading A Fitness Revolution

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1.Can you tell us a little about GuavaPass and the concept behind it?

GuavaPass launched back in July 2015, it gives members access to a community of fitness studios and healthy¬living experts, offering unlimited classes at premium fitness studios, exclusive events with wellness experts, community classes and a range of perks from healthy living partners in your city. All classes have been hand selected by our team of fitness enthusiasts, who live and breathe a healthy lifestyle. Similar to a gym membership, the pass works on a monthly subscription model, but instead of being locked into contracts or tied down to 1 location, you get full month ¬ month flexibility and access to over 800 studios across 9 cities.

2.People these days like to workout in different ways, how do you try to cater for everybody?

You will find a wide variety of choices on the Guava Network, everything from Yoga, Pilates, Crossfit, Bootcamps, Boxing, MMA, Mediation, plus loads more. We are always looking out for new international concepts which we can bring into Asia.


3.What fitness trend is most popular in Singapore? The region? Why?

Yoga is still leading the charge, however, we are starting to see new concepts penetrate the market, for instance, there’s a new concept called Pound Fit which started in LA, this workout involves using drumsticks, and waving them around, it’s a great cardio and core workout! Other trends which we are seeing are hybrid workouts, for example, we know some instructors who are mixing a HIIT (High Interval Circuit Training) with Yoga, I believe these sorts of workouts will become more popular.

4. People (especially in fast¬paced Singapore) are so busy, what advise do you have about scheduling times to workouts and other health activities?

Create a routine and stick to it! Plan out your week and try to get a variety in, I myself start with strength training Monday, Tuesday, then Wednesday I will do a Cardio session followed by Core and Yoga towards the end of the week. GuavaPass allows you to book up to 1 hour before a class starts, and we have over 120 partners in Singapore to choose from, so it’s the perfect health and wellness companion for those who are constantly on the go.


5. What types of diets are most commonly practiced in Singapore and what is your personal favorite? Why?

Coming from Australia where eating healthy is second nature.. Seeing the diet trend in Singapore when I first arrived scared me.. I struggled to find a decent salad bar, or even a grocery store. 4 Years on, things have changed, the healthy options here have grown at a pretty phenomenal pace. I personally try to eat as clean and fresh as I can, due to my hectic schedule, I do not do much cooking, rather than rely on UberEats to deliver to me ¬ my go to Chicken breast, Root Veg and Quinoa

6. What does the next 18¬24 months look like for GuavaPass? Yes, it’s shameless plug time.

If the past year is anything to go off, I see HUGE things for the Guava Brand, we have launched GuavaPass into 9 cities across Asia and the Middle East, most recently launched GuavaLabs, our first hybrid studio and event space in the Mandarin Gallery, we have also launched GuavaGear, a small, but trendy and affordable active wear line. We hope to continue to path the way for the health and fitness industry across Asia, we don’t see ourselves as just a “fitness pass” we have a much more holistic approach, we hope to inspire people to break out of their comfort zone and try that pole dancing class, or give them the necessary info on how to eat correctly, keep them up to date with all the latest health and wellness tips through our blog (

7. Any last words of wisdom (or encouragement) you would like to leave our readers?

It always seems impossible until it’s done. Nelson Mandela


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