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10 Photographs That Are Worth The Attention – Mind Blown!

We do love (and appreciate) the art of capturing the right photo. Timing and subject matter coming together to play tricks on the mind – awesome! The following 10 photographs tick all the boxes and should be enjoyed by all those who love the art of photography as much as we do.


Caught in the act. Timed to perfection. Pic: Ger Kelliher

Multi-colored sunset, perfectly framed. Pic: Gabriel Puyana

Look it’s a plane. Pic: Stéphane

Believe it ot not, this is actually one photo. Pic: Gulo_gulo_

Neighbours – a wheat field and lavender field. Pic: sivribiber

Lava formed to look like bodies being pulled into hell. Pic: Reddit__PI

The flying ship. Pic: imgur

Man feeding swans in winter.

Lots of flying boats. Pic: ArkadiusBear

The fire stopper. Pic: Evgeniy Green


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