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11 Awesome Xmas Gift Ideas For Your Man – Voted By “Singapore Expat Women”

OK, so this post is for the girls (and some boys!). If your man is anything like my man, it’s literally impossible to buy him a gift – simply because he has everything. Or is super fussy. So when the holidays roll around, so does the daunting task of choosing that perfect gift.

So this year, we decided to head to the newly formed Facebook group SINGAPORE EXPAT WOMEN to get some ideas. Arguably one of the more popular Facebook group for expat women in Singapore, SEW (as it’s called by members), boasts a vibrant and eclectic membership and here are some of their recommendations.

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“A nice watch winder or a cigar humidor has been received well” Leah M


“Tested and it’s a total HIT with men! In Situ’s “Gentleman Box” – Isabelle PP


“A portrait, or portrait voucher, by Victoria Hager – a subtle nude of his wife/girlfriend, group portrait of the kids, pet dog portrait” Victoria H

child_portrait_016_1 Lan

“My guy would love this – Personalized Whiskey Barrel” – Jessica H 


“I would say the men’s anti ageing skin care pack. It can also be purchased as a travel size which is perfect for the travelling gent” Ann E


“The Thingamagoop. He took it to work with him every day for weeks!” – Mia A


Karana’s Ocean Pack – It is a waterproof multipurpose storing bag. Great when he goes to the beach, the gym or a boat trip. You can buy it in different size 5lts (sg$30) To 40lts(sg$60)” Karina ZG


“Ferrari driving experience in Malaysia went down well with my Husband last year – bought it from Red Box Gifts– have also bought their Athlete’s Lab voucher for him.” Claire H


“The National Geographic GENO 2.0 DNA kit was a hit last year” – Alessandra D


Covetella actually has fabulous menswear that would be amazing gifts. Unique velvet tuxedo blazers, luxury French bowties with name written inside, custom-made cufflinks” – Carol C


“His and hers coffee/ tea cups, personalized and lovingly designed by the talented Jinny Ngui DesignSoo-Lin L



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