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360 Chef Series: Chef Mural, Singapore

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Why did you decide to become a chef?

Coming from a family of doctors, I wanted to become something else, when I joined the

Hotel management, I found my passion decided to became a Chef, my mother was the biggest supporter to become a Chef.

Did you go to culinary school? What credentials did you earn through your culinary studies?

Yes, IHM Bangalore at SJP Campus, Bangalore. All the basic cooking knowledge, the biggest achievement was getting 2nd place in Chef competition in 3rd year, that was confirmation to become a chef .

Is there a chef you admire the most? Who and why?

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, he has shown us how cooking can make u personality, made to recognise that Chef is a good professional career.

Image: Potli Vegan Samosa (Spiced Vegan meat & Edamame beans samosa baked & fried.)

Can you describe the food are making at the moment?

Traditional Indian Food with a twist has well progressive Indian food with an infusion of Asian spices on a global platform.

How do you describe the Indian food scene at the moment in Singapore? How do cities like Mumbai & London?

In SINGAPORE, Indian has become a good choice, but there is a lot of time & Effort to be taken to know more about Indian & taste & adaptability.

Mumbai- will be always a good choice for Indian Food, it will always we’ll know for this, but add on so many modern Indian concepts are there, it's going to be more vibrant too.

Besides your own – list three other restaurants in (Singapore) you absolutely love at the moment?

Alma, Labyrinth & Candelnut.

Do you have a sense of humour?

Yes of course, especially when a new young chefs interact with me, they are nervous, so I try to share jokes or funny moments, to make them comfortable with me. It’s always nice to have this kind of humour which helps to develop the team.

Image: Forest Berry Kulfi (Homemade Kulfi made with forest berry purée & reduced milk with a hint of cardamom.)

What is your favourite cuisine to cook? Why?

Apart from Indian, I like French & Japanese, they are so beautifully presented, follow their traditional methods. Exclusive ingredients they use it’s very impressive.

What is your favourite wine? Why?

Shiraz, has been my fav, goes so well with Indian & Asian cuisine.

What trends are you noticing regarding wine and food pairings?

Wine culture is growing, in India also it’s been growing on high rate, pleased to see, there has made in India wines coming up & people are appreciating it. Good for people, good for the wine industry in India.

What do you do to stay current on new trends? Describe two or three of the most interesting industry trends right now.

I have been keeping my self updated what’s happening. Personally I think sustainability has become a major trend in food, homegrown & farm to table concept is coming up concepts. Other one vegan food is coming up.


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