360 Chef Series: Chef Mural, Singapore | Living 360

Why did you decide to become a chef? Coming from a family of doctors, I wanted to become something else, when I joined the Hotel management, I found my passion decided to became a Chef, my mother was the biggest supporter to become a Chef. Did you go to culinary school? What credentials did you earn through your culinary studies? Yes, IHM Bangalore at SJP Campus, Bangalore. All the basic cooking knowledge, the biggest achievement was getting 2nd place in Chef competition in 3

Don’t Worry, The YOTEL Robots Will Take Care Of It | Living 360

Many of our readers will no doubt be familiar with the scrumptious sushi chain in the UK called YO! Sushi. The founders of that group have also been busy creating an exciting and hip hotel product called YOTEL, and we got a chance to check out their new property on the island city of Singapore. More recently, the hotel chain announced new city centre hotels in San Francisco, London Clerkenwell, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Amsterdam, Miami, Dubai, Geneva, Park City and two hotels in S

360 Chef Series: Chef David Almany

Why did you decide to become a chef? Being a chef came very naturally to me. I cooked with my mother all the time growing up and by the age of 14 enrolled in a occupational college cooking program to learn catering and classic french cooking. I was hooked at a young age. Did you go through culinary school? What credentials did you earn through your culinary studies? I went to culinary school in Santa Barbara California. One of the most picturesque of all culinary schools. I w

360 Chef Series: Chef Laurent Brouard – Bistro Du Vin

Why did you decide to become a chef? It was around when I was 14, when I was inspired by my grandfather who was running a delicatessen. Ever since, I have never once regretted my decision – there’s so much joy in cooking for others and seeing them happy and satisfied after a meal! Did you go to culinary school? What credentials did you earn through your culinary studies? Is there a chef you admire the most? Who and why? Yes many, and just to name a few – Mr Paul Bocuse, Robuc

360 Chef Series: Chef Fernando Arevalo – Artemis Grill (Singapore)

Why did you decide to become a chef? It’s a long story. Well there are many reasons you become anything in life, but one of the cooler stories to tell is, when I was younger, I’d always been very hyperactive, and had trouble focusing because my mind was always thinking about many things at the same time. It was difficult to perform any task like staying still, homework, exams or sleeping, because my mind would never stop, and that can be actually be very hard, that feeling of

Conversation With Matthew Gideon From Deboneire – Singapore’s Hottest Menswear Label!

OK, for those of you who know me – know that I’ve worked in fashion my whole life. From the best designers on the best ramps to the global campaigns – I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing some amazing fashion designers at work. So much so that when I come across someone special, who is creating beautiful clothes & accessories, I simply want to tell the world about them. Such is the case with the uber talented Matthew Gideon from Singapore based fashion label DEBONEIRE. A leadi

[Interview] Rhyce Lein, GM GuavaPass: Leading A Fitness Revolution

1.Can you tell us a little about GuavaPass and the concept behind it? GuavaPass launched back in July 2015, it gives members access to a community of fitness studios and healthy¬living experts, offering unlimited classes at premium fitness studios, exclusive events with wellness experts, community classes and a range of perks from healthy living partners in your city. All classes have been hand selected by our team of fitness enthusiasts, who live and breathe a healthy lifest

The Worlds Most Expensive City: How Has Singapore Managed To Stay At The Top?

Earlier this year, Singapore was handed the dubious ‘honour’ of world’s most expensive city after the Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) annual survey, which charts the expense of cities by comparing them to the cost of living in New York. Singapore has retained this title for the past three years, even though Hong Kong and Zurich now trail closely behind in joint-second place. So, how exactly has Singapore managed to stay at the top? In addition to the economic and geograph

Hotel Jen, Singapore: Dishing Up A Quirky & Stylish Experience, In The Heart Of The City &#8211

If you haven’t heard of the brand Hotel Jen, then I’m sure it’s only a matter of time as it continues to rapidly expand across the region under the watchful management of Shangri-La. Previously known as the Trader’s Hotel – a tired and somewhat dated property – the newly re-branded Hotel Jen welcomes you with a quirky, old-retro feel that leaves you with a smile on your face. The friendly staff are on the ball and checking in was very quick. Location, Location, Location Situa

[Interview] Douwe Cramer: The Future Of Contemporary Art Lands In Singapore

Douwe Cramer, Show Director at Singapore Contemporary Art Show We sat down with Douwe Cramer, Show Director at Singapore Contemporary Art Show to talk about everything from this year’s amazing (and inaugural) event to the A,B,C’s of contemporary art. This year, the stage has been set in Singapore for arguably one of the most anticipated art events in the region. With the theme “A World of Art”, the show will present more than 3,000 works of art from 65 exhibitors and installa

Women Empowerment Took Center Stage at WTA Finals “Ladies Day” Singapore

By Amanda Dyer For those of us in Singapore over the last week, it was made very clear that there was a buzz about town. That excitement was due to the Top 8 women tennis stars (singles & doubles) gracing the center court of the Singapore Indoor Stadium for the BNP Paribas WTA Finals Singapore 2015 presented by SC Global. The stage was set, as we witnessed some of the highest quality women’s tennis we have seen in some time. In my opinion, the girls genuinely thought that due

Soi 60 dishes out a no-nonsense approach to classic Thai food in Singapore

The Singapore dining scene, especially in hip urban hot-spots like Robertson Quay is fast becoming a breeding ground for greedy restaurateurs who have no guilt about charging extraordinary pricing for mediocre food. Nestled around such establishments in the Robertson Quay area is a hipster-ish eatery that may easily be mistaken for such a place, but refreshingly is something quite the opposite. When we were invited down by the lovely folks at Soi 60 Thai to come back and try

Tennis Fever Has Swept Singapore & Living 360 Has A Deal For You!!

For those of you who are tennis fans – you will know that the best women singles and doubles players are getting ready to battle for the ultimate crown in women’s tennis – to be number 1. And for those who live in Singapore, the buzz that a global tennis event is coming to town is in the air. The Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) has announced that the singles field for the 2014 BNP Paribas WTA Finals Singapore presented by SC Global will include the following superstars: Sere

Attention Singapore! Time To Get Super Fit And Win A TANZANITE In Return

Attention Singapore! OK, so here’s a kick in the backside that we all need. Put your hands up if you have been thinking about getting into shape but (for many reasons) haven’t found the right time to start? I think most of us have been there at one time or another. What works really well to get us off our butts and get started is a motivational nudge by somebody else. Look no further because the great team at UFIT Singapore have created one hell of a motivational program call

Everything [And We Mean Everything!] You Need To Know About Singapore Life.

I remember when I moved to Asia in 1994 – it was incredibly difficult to find information around the basics like what was it like to live in Tokyo? What suburb was the best for a young women? Where to buy groceries? What were the hip places to eat? You get the point… Back in the day you would need to rely on friends (and strangers) to help with such valuable insider information. Well these days, things are different. Living in the digital age means that our lives are more int

WOW!!!!! Singaporeans Have A Very Cool (And Refreshing) Way To Say Thanks To Foreign Workers

When you live in a bustling metropolis, with buildings larger than life – it’s easy to take things for granted. One of those things that many urbanites never give much thought (or respect) to are those who build our cities. Those who build our roads, tunnels and bridges. The hard working foreigners who leave their families for the longest time only to work endless days and nights on a construction site for minimum wage. The kind folks at Coca Cola have partnered with some war

The Happiest Countries In The World

Norway: Who wouldn’t be happy living here? Ever wondered why people from one country always seem happier than another country? Are Italians generally happier than the Thais? Are the Germans really that miserable but secretly extremely happy? Well, now the truth can be revealed.. The United Nations annual report is a large scale survey that focuses on the state of global happiness. It really looks hard at the key factors that cause happiness and puts them to the test. The year

Top 10 Asian Golf Courses – Living360 style!

This next piece has been a passion project of mine as of late – for a couple of main reasons. Firstly, since my fiancé joined the region’s largest sports marketing firm and all he has been talking about, watching and reading about is golf, golf and more golf. The Golf Channel is on the box 24/7 as our household is transformed into a place of passion – truly dedicated to this wonderful sport. That said, I must admit that watching a world class tournament live on a breathtaking


For those of you who live in Singapore or spend a lot time here, this person needs no real introduction. Robbie Hoyes-Cock is without doubt one of the most networked men in town (if not the region). His F1 parties are world famous and luxury brands throughout the region consider him as an extension to their marketing teams. This fast moving, disco dancing, big loving, family man has a heart of gold and brain of a mad scientist – so I decided to sit down and see what makes him