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Breaking News: Philip Seymour Hoffman Dead At 46


Oscar-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead of an apparent heroin overdose inside his Manhattan apartment in Greenwich Village, New York. The talented actor had a hypodermic needle sticking out of his arm at around 11:30am on Sunday.

His good friend and screenwriter David Bar Katz called 911 after he found the actor in his underwear on the bathroom floor at 35 Bethune St, said sources.

The actor caused concerns after he neglected to pick up his kids as planned. He was usually very good with this and when he didn’t show – the red flag was waved.

It was no secret that Hoffman struggled with substance abuse and in 2006 he came clean as he shared his story with the world. His honest rendition on the subject led many to believe that the help he was seeking was doing good. Clearly not, as police found empty glassine envelopes of heroin in the garbage can.

The envelopes were marked “Ace of Spades,” which sources said is a brand of heroin that hasn’t been seen on the streets since around 2008 in Brooklyn.

There was no note, and Hoffman’s death is believed to be accidental.

Here’s what some of his celebrity friends had to say on Twitter:

Oh what terrible news. What a talent. What a shame. #RIP

R.I.P. Philip Seymour Hoffman. One of the greatest, kindest actors who ever lived.

Such shocking & sad news. RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman. One of the greatest actors of a generation and a sweet, funny & humble man.

Shocked to hear of Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s death. If you missed him as Willy Loman, you missed a Willy Loman for all time.


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