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Dry, Milano: The Perfect Pairing Of Pizza & Cocktails In A Trendy Setting – Living 360


When searching for somewhere to eat in Milano, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by the choices. The dining scene in the city is constantly evolving, with new dining concepts, different taste trends – with different experiences being dished up. Whilst it is great to try out new foods, sometimes you simply want to stick to what you know – especially in a town like Milano. That is why this restaurant has become one of our favorites. It combines the two things we all love, under one roof- cocktails and pizza. We all know pizza, and we all love cocktails. Pizza is always good, but at Dry it is great, and when paired with specialized drinks whose recipes pre-date the prohibition era it tastes even better.

Pic: DRY Cocktails & Pizza

Pic: DRY Cocktails & Pizza


Pic: DRY Cocktails & Pizza


We all know that Italians do pizza the best. The pizzas here are traditional, and done well- we had the Lardo Al Naturale, a pizza with lard, basil and black pepper; the Verdure with roasted tomatoes, smoked aubergines, courgettes and mozzarella; and the Calzone Bianco with braised escarole, pine nuts, sun-dried raisins and buffalo ricotta. The bases were puffy, light and full of air, resulting in a pizza with perfectly soft dough that tore off easily with a crust that was a crispy and thin shell – perfect for mopping up any spilled cheese or sauces. For those of you who are fussy eaters, fear not. You can create your own pizza by choosing a base and picking a selection of sides- no more picking the olives off a pizza! Other items on the menu include filled savory buns and salads. Then, of course, there are the cocktails. With over twenty cocktails to chose from it is excruciatingly difficult to make a decision, but the knowledgeable staff will help you chose your poison from the traditional, contemporary and signature cocktails.



This trendy eatery has a simple décor, with the rustic walls left bare exposing old peeling wallpaper, the low hanging lightbulbs left naked from any covers and the large windows inviting the world in to gaze at the beauty of the place. The traditional rustic Italian décor is offset with funky and contemporary items such as large brass topped tables and exquisite crystal drinking glasses for specific cocktails. The restaurant has the old school charm of an Italian restaurant, comforting and inviting, combined with beautiful details that provide a sense of exclusivity. Service: The restaurant is open seven days a week, for dinner only. The bar is open from 7PM-1AM, and the kitchen from 7PM- Midnight. There is an online booking service where you can book a table for up to six people until 10pm. Larger parties can be accommodated by calling the restaurant. The servers are very attentive and always smiling. They are on standby to talk you through the menu in their fantastic Italian accents – making every dish sound that much tastier.



This place is decent value for money! With such a great cocktail bar and pizza list they could follow suite and raise their prices high, but instead they have regulated their pricing well over the years – while serving up well above average pizzas. The pizzas range from €12 ($13.5 USD) to €16 ($18 USD), and the rolls from €6 ($7 USD) to €14 ($16 USD).


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