360 Chef Series: Chef David Almany

Why did you decide to become a chef? Being a chef came very naturally to me. I cooked with my mother all the time growing up and by the age of 14 enrolled in a occupational college cooking program to learn catering and classic french cooking. I was hooked at a young age. Did you go through culinary school? What credentials did you earn through your culinary studies? I went to culinary school in Santa Barbara California. One of the most picturesque of all culinary schools. I w

Dry, Milano: The Perfect Pairing Of Pizza & Cocktails In A Trendy Setting – Living 360

When searching for somewhere to eat in Milano, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by the choices. The dining scene in the city is constantly evolving, with new dining concepts, different taste trends – with different experiences being dished up. Whilst it is great to try out new foods, sometimes you simply want to stick to what you know – especially in a town like Milano. That is why this restaurant has become one of our favorites. It combines the two things we all love, un

Appia, Bangkok: Breaking The Mold For Italian Food In Thailand – Living 360

As food critics, we often come across cases where one culture adapts the food of another. Most of the time, the resulting dishes are far from capturing the flavors and cultures of another world. Appia is one of many restaurants that takes on Italian cuisine. Being in Asia, Bangkok is obviously far from Italy. It is easy to expect that they are likely to bring the typical, expected and cliché dishes. However, Appia breaks the mold. Rather than bringing heavy carbonaras and sli