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Could This Be The Best Peking Duck In The World? | Living 360

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Welcome to Duck De Chine

One of the main reasons people travel to different countries of the world is to try their cuisines; every place has its signature dishes, and this is a big part of what defines a location. For people out there who are looking to have a fabulous duck dinner, Duck De Chine should be top of mind. Located away from street view just behind Pacific Century Place in Sanlitun, Duck de Chine is part of the 1949-The Hidden City dining and nightlife complex -this duck joint serves up signature peking duck that commands global respect. We went to experience for ourselves.

Cantonese cuisine

They are known for their Cantonese cuisine, but roasted duck is undoubtedly one of their signature dishes and possibly the tastiest one. They put a lot of effort into the preparation and presentation of the dish, so everybody who indulges in this delicacy remembers will relish the experience for years to follow. The Duck’s delicious flavor is known by its extra crispy skin and strong fruity flavor; to make sure their duck has these signatures trait, the duck is roasted over a fire made of a special kind of wood that is aged over 60 years known as jujube wood.

The restaurant believes is delivering the complete experience to its customers. That is why they take great care in the cooking of the duck but also in its presentation. The server will come to your table to build out the duck dish (The classic Peking duck combo – crisp roast duck to roll in pancakes with plum sauce, spring onion and cucumber) like an artist working with his brushes to create a work of art. The food is great, but the drama and presentation rounds out the experience.

It’s the small details that matter the most here. The specially made sauce to the presentation of the meal is all done to a very strict perfection. They take pride in all aspects that come together – from the food, ambience and top-notch service. No detail is left out as your duck experience is perfectly curated.

Duck De Chine

In China, the gong is struck to alert the people of a special event. In Duck De Chine, the gong is not reserved to be used during lunch time, but it is struck only at dinner so that the dinners have a chance to go up to the chef and see the duck slicing process firsthand. The chef reminds the guests that they are not here just for the food but also for the experience, and the duck slicing also shows the diners that the experience has just begun.

After the chef has your attention, you now have a first-hand look at how everything is done and arranged to give you the best experience possible. The theatre-like demonstration is taken very seriously and no surprises as to who is the start of the show. The duck of course!

Other dishes worth trying are the plum-infused pumpkin and braised oyster mushroom wrapped in tofu skin.

Address 三里屯

1949 – The Hidden City, Courtyard 4, Gongti Beilu (opposite the south gate of Pacific Century Place Mall) Chaoyang District

Daily 11am-2.30pm, 5.30-10.30pm

Tel: +86 06501 8881

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