China’s Obsession With The World’s Best Vineyards | Living 360

Vineyards, wineries and expensive wine have always been associated with wealth, luxury and style. They have traditionally been the domain of prominent or aristocratic families who established their legacies on land perfect for grape cultivation. Recently, however, there has been a new arrival on the scene. The Chinese are the world’s number one consumer of red wine, and now they are putting their money where their mouth is. Chinese investors and funds have begun buying up vin

Could This Be The Best Peking Duck In The World? | Living 360

Welcome to Duck De Chine One of the main reasons people travel to different countries of the world is to try their cuisines; every place has its signature dishes, and this is a big part of what defines a location. For people out there who are looking to have a fabulous duck dinner, Duck De Chine should be top of mind. Located away from street view just behind Pacific Century Place in Sanlitun, Duck de Chine is part of the 1949-The Hidden City dining and nightlife complex -thi

The Lustre of Australian Wines in China | Living 360

Australia is the world’s fourth largest exporter of wine, with approximately 750 million litres of wine a year being shipped to international markets. Wine is produced in every state, and there are more than 60 designated wine regions across the country. In recent years, there has been a significant growth in the Chinese market, which has become a formidable recipient of Australia’s wine exports. It seems that as wine culture in China continues to grow, so does the preference

Inside Shanghai’s Seven-Star Hotel: Wanda Reign

The Wanda Reign on the Bund certainly does live up to its lofty standards when compared to the world’s most exclusive hotels. Designed by Foster Partners and Heatherwick Studio the exterior of the hotel is a mix of glass and steel which exudes jaw dropping beauty and architectural inventiveness. When guests enter the grand lobby, they walk across the Art Deco inspired inlaid floors to an abstract painting by Shi Qi of the Shanghai. Art takes centre stage at this property. Oth

10 Chinese Fashion Designers Who Will Hit The “Big Time” Very Soon – Living 360

China is now open for business in a big way when it comes to world class fashion. A book named Fashion China, written by Gemma A. Williams; introduces us to 41 exciting Chinese designers. Her book shows the real world of Chinese fashion. Abandoning the typical stereotypes, Fashion China shows that the far from traditional, the aesthetics are diverse, unique and experimental. “The field of fashion in China today has now opened up as a ground of experimentation and possibility.

Why Go Camping When You Can Go Glamping? 2015 Glamping Guide – Living 360

Louis Vuitton Spirit of Travel Ad Campaign 3 In a follow-up from our 2012 post Forget Camping, Let’s Go Camping, we have decided to update you all with a few fresh new picks. Glamping has become very fashionable in the last couple of years since we last reported, with more and more families opting to have adventurous outdoor excursions rather than staying at busy main stream hotels. Here is a list of four glamping holidays available this year, and what makes each one so speci

Top 10 Asian Golf Courses – Living360 style!

This next piece has been a passion project of mine as of late – for a couple of main reasons. Firstly, since my fiancé joined the region’s largest sports marketing firm and all he has been talking about, watching and reading about is golf, golf and more golf. The Golf Channel is on the box 24/7 as our household is transformed into a place of passion – truly dedicated to this wonderful sport. That said, I must admit that watching a world class tournament live on a breathtaking