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Ever Wondered What You Sound Like Speaking Another language? This Kid Takes It To A Whole New Level

C’mon admit it. We have all done it.

Standing in front of the mirror mimicking a posh English accent or even waiving your hands around like a crazy Italian. People over the years have been entertaining themselves (and others) by mimicking different accents for generations.

When Borak came on the scene, we couldn’t walk down the street without hearing someone say “Niiiccceee” or “I likeee” (you know what I mean!).

So it’s no wonder that this particular video went super viral when this cute 19 year old Sara made a video of herself talking gibberish in many different accents from around the world.

She was so good that there are talks about her own TV show.

This kid has got skills – we think she’s dope! [youtube id= “ybcvlxivscw” width=”667″ height=”356″]


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